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Fork Stack integrated 2M+ publishers' data from multiple domestic and foreign app markets, including various data sets such as business information, app market information, and SDK technology stack information.

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Service Provider

Expand your business

with deeper sales leads for cloud service providers.

Lead generation

3 Major rankings updated daily

Fork Stack provides real-time rankings of major app stores, technology stacks, and developers, allowing you to quickly target popular trends.

Full-market SDK installation and uninstallation information flow push

Real-time push of new and lost tech stack info across all platforms, ensuring no cloud tech demand signals from developers are missed.

Quickly build a list of leads

Generate a list of potential customers based on adoption of services like CDN, SDK, and website technology stacks for any business, including mobile apps and websites.

Lead analysis

Comprehensive app and enterprise basic info.

Comprehensive insights on app, website, SDK, CDN/cloud hosting, developer, and tech service provider stats.

Technology stack analysis data

Analyze tech composition, identify customer potential and intentions based on company traits and cloud usage.

Advanced statistical information

Monitor technology info, market distribution, share changes, and evaluate cloud service growth potential.

Lead tracking

Lead subscription

Quickly obtain the latest leads that meet your criteria and track their status in real-time with one-click subscription to portrait leads.

Lead monitoring

Monitor real-time competitive dynamics by locking in relevant metrics such as market share, customer base, and industry penetration of tech stacks and service providers, and assist with competitive analysis.

How to use fork stack?

Utilize Fork Stack's full-market coverage and multi-dimensional market stats to accurately understand product market share, identify growth points, and improve analysis depth.

  • Sales personnel

    Gain insight into the technology stack and supplier composition behind mobile apps with Fork Stack's exclusive SDK parsing capability, enabling you to assess customer needs and close deals faster.

  • Marketing personnel

    Accurately understand market share, identify growth points, and improve analysis depth with Fork Stack's full-market coverage and multi-dimensional market stats.

  • Customer success

    Track your targets' market performance, tech stack composition, and supplier changes in real-time with Fork Stack's 24/7 monitoring capability, providing factual support for your customers' success and renewal.

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